Realize the possibilities of circular economy – today

FinnLoop is reshaping the Finnish packaging industry and creating new business from recycling and circular economy.

Recycling in Finland is changing rapidly due to EU directives, as the packaging industry is facing new standards both domestically and abroad. As the new demands and regulations come into force soon, FinnLoop helps Finnish companies create new business from recycling, so they can thrive in the present and the future.

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What We Offer

International Trade Experience and EU Level Solutions

In Finland, 55% of plastic packaging must be recycled by 2030, and there is still a long way to go. The current recycling rate is only around 30%, and the rate will only decrease once the new calculation methods come into force in the EU.

FinnLoop was founded to help Finnish companies navigate through these new recycling legislations, which differ from country to country in the EU. We provide our clients with holistic services and our experience in state-of-the-art recycling systems in Austria and Germany, among others.

Supporting Producer Organizations

In the future, every company working with packaging will be responsible for getting it back into circulation. Due to EU directives, Finland has a lot of work to do both in terms of recycling and producer organizations, but the future is looking bright.

We estimate that the market value of Finnish producer organizations will be around EUR 50–100 million in the next few years. We can help bring new opportunities to these organizations, as we have extensive experience of setting up producer organizations in Austria, for example, where the business is now worth EUR 300 million.

Consulting Services

We help your company move from simple waste management to an efficient and commercially viable circular economy. We also support your company in handling extended producer responsibilities, and help you expand your operations to new markets and operate in accordance with international recycling regulations.

The next few years will bring many changes to the Finnish packaging industry. Therefore, it’s better to prepare and act now rather than later.

We are part of Reclay Group and Griffin Refineries

We have earned our qualifications from international markets, and we bring a completely new way of thinking to Finland.

Our growing team consists of the backbones of two international companies, and you have all the expertise from Reclay Group and Griffin Refineries at your disposal.

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